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Sea fishing off the Kent coast

The Kent coast is excellent for sea fishing. Having fished most of my life off of this coast, it saddens me that for the last few years the fishing has been tougher. It seems like only last week we were bringing home bin liners of freshly caught fish to share with the neighbours… lately it’s hard to fill a bucket.

Don’t forget the fish change with the season, what you might get lots of in the summer, you may get very few of in the winter. It’s always worth asking in the local tackle shops what people are catching and what people are using.

Dungeness is good for Sole, along with Dover – everyone has heard of Dover Sole, right? Whiting, Dabs, and Pout can be regularly caught, Cod into double figures (this must have been the bin liners I recall :-) ). I hear the fishing  is phenomenal after a storm, have yet to do that myself.

Hythe Beach for Mackerel and Bass in my opinion, the rocks between Folkestone and Dover are good for bigger Bass, Scad and school Bass.

Sea Bass

The ideal spot is one that has some current and deep water. Get a map of the coast / waters and look for rocky outcrops, piers, jetties and buoys with deep water nearby. Deep water wrecks are excellent for eels.

Whitstable is always good for small cod and dabs. If the fishing is bad, you can always get excellent shellfish from the local restaurants. Is Pearsons still there? Is Wheelers? I am long overdue a visit, if I don’t know if they are still there!


All the Kent waters seem to be good for fish and the wrecks and piers, eels. I can recall my disappointment from catching lots of eels off the coast of Herne Bay and Reculver, but my grandfathers being thrilled with my bucket of them. I also recall the old dock cat they had ‘miaowing ‘ her head off with the smell of the eels as they cooked. Reculver always produced the odd Ray or three as well as the odd Bass. Plenty of crabs for bait at Reculver and I think I must take my children crabbing next year, so they can grow up with the love of fishing like I did.


  1. don wilson says:

    those were the days and as you said its hard to fill your buckets now unless your lucky enough to get out on a boat where you can get to the spots where the big fish are 07958304427 if you want a good days or nights fishing.

  2. anthony says:

    I agree its very hard to even get a bite i live in margate and here is only great when the whiting and mackerels are in and bass if your lucky enough to get one of those its hard fishing kent coast these days.

  3. andrew evans says:

    i think that the people who left the last 2 comments should seriously learn to fish.


    Is a pratt a pregnant fish or a ANDREW EVANS,the truth is the Kent coast dos’nt produce like it did 30 years ago,i have many nights out catching whitting and doggies etc but how often do i catch a bass over 5LB or a cod over 6LB from the beach,not often my friends,but i keep trying,lol.

  5. Andy Allen says:

    The truth is that times have unfortunatly changed.
    The netter come ever closer to the shore thus taking what is in range of the normal caster in great numbers.
    Last year we had the cold snap and I was well into the blanking season.
    This year has seen plenty of dabs from Herne Bay up untill the last week or so and there are still plenty of pin Whiting to be had.
    The bass should soon be showing along with the Rays.

  6. Ed Brown says:

    Hi Guys,

    Been interesting to read your comments. I currently live in faversham and have been getting really into sea fish over the last 2months, but unfortunalty not caching much. Ive been trying Herne bay and seasalter with very little luck. Can anyone help me as im going out this sunday for my birthday and unsure on where I should go and how I should be fishing, any ideas would be greatly appriciated?


  7. Paul says:

    Hi Everyone.

    Is it safe to eat the cockles on leysdown beach?



  8. ben aged 13 says:

    Were is a good place to go fishing cos I go to places like the isle of grain and hyth beach so weres good now plz help and wat do u catch there thnx

  9. billy says:

    anyone know of any good eel fishing place?

  10. mandy says:

    Hi i have been fishing on the the Isle of grain been getting small school bass but would love to be able to get something a bit bigger . Could someone please recommend a good place in or around kent where we can go please . Love fishing got my partner into it and i would love for him to get a bit bigger catch .

  11. Steve Holmes says:

    For any newcomers to sea fishing reading the article, or any experienced anglers looking for new marks, there is now a video guide to all the best places to fish the Kent coast at

    The film shows parking, what the beaches look like at low tide, Admiralty depth charts etc and covers something like 40 locations.

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